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💎 In the third instalment in our triple bill of tantra massage porn films, we join Venera once more in her studio as she guides her subject through the sensations and experiences of a deeply erotic sensual connection.
We begin by viewing the beautifully naked Leanne as she sits cross-legged, eyes closed, waiting for what is to come. Venera enters the space silently, kneeling softly behind and takes a moment to settle her energy and tune in. She lifts her hands, fluttering just her fingertips over Leanne’s shoulders, sending sparks of anticipation over her flesh with the lightest of erotic touches.
Venera is preparing Leanne for a journey deep into her own pleasure, and so takes the time to align their physical movements and spiritual balance to bring us a glorious opening to this tantra massage porn scene.
Applying more intimate touches, Venera slowly moves her hands up and down Leanne’s back, guiding her into deep thoracic breath work as her body relaxes. When Venera feels the time is right, she wraps her arms around Leanne’s shoulders, gently rocking their bodies together in a sensuous rhythm.
With one hand placed atop her chest and the other low on her stomach, Venera continues to guide Leanne with her soft yet firm touch, moving her into the classic Yab-Yum position where they undulate together in a sensual dance of pleasure. Designed to generate intimate connection through close touch, this position also promotes emotional well-being and feelings of bliss.
As Leanne relaxes further into her euphoric state, Venera takes the focus of this erotic tantra massage porn film to her vulva, applying copious sweet oils to mingle with her natural juices. We watch transfixed as Venera’s fingers work the folds and dips of Leanne’s slick pussy, sending her into a rippling frenzy of heady erotic desire.
This is the third erotic movie in our series inspired by the art of tantra, with a special focus on lesbian massage and Yoni pleasure. We hope you enjoy watching the sensational Venera Maxima and Leanne-Lace in this beautifully erotic film. Enjoy the series by clicking to view the 1st one an erotic tantric sex film and the 2nd tantra inspired tantra porn film.
Leanne Lace
Venera Maxima
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