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💎 This sensual threesome video begins with the beautiful Gina as she warms up and stretches in a dance studio. Delicate pink leather ballet slippers tap the floor as she softly bounces, flexing and pointing her toes. Behind Gina, Charlie sits on a bench, limbering up, her unitard clinging tightly to her curvy body as she bends into her position. Her eyes close, and she breathes deeply, arching forward as her boobs strain against her tight clothing and her bodysuit thong rides teasingly up her peachy crack.
Stanley walks into the frame, his figure professional as he studies Gina’s form, making slight adjustments to her stance. Charlie watches from the side, a coy smile on her lips. She can sense some electricity crackling in the studio air.
As the lesson ends and Stanley praises his students’ efforts, it’s clear that Gina and Charlie have another type of practice on their minds. They whisper their saucy intentions to each other on the sidelines before making their way back to their teacher to begin their sensual threesome seduction.
It doesn’t take long before the roles of student and teacher are reversed, and Stanley gives himself over to these women and their very sexy lesson. He is urged to lie back on the bench, and the girls expose his dance-taut torso, straddling his face and pelvis, getting in the perfect first position to begin their sexual dance. Cashmere knits and cute leggings still on, Gina fucks her instructor’s face while kissing Charlie, who is also finding her pleasure riding aboard Stanley’s thick hard cock.
As this dance class takes a very erotic turn, we can’t take our eyes off the delicious ballet of lovers’ fucking and climaxing together with utter abandon.
A beautiful sensual threesome of the joys of sharing pleasure. We hope you enjoy watching this erotic movie.
Gina Snow
Charlie Red
Pornstars Live
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