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💎 Stumbling and laughing together, Steve slams Nikki into the wall by the front door, hungrily kissing her, showing how horny they both are for hot sex right there in the hallway. Clothes are thrust aside, and the passion builds, fast and ferocious; it’s clear these two lovers are absolutely desperate for each other.
Their knees rub together, Steve’s thigh sliding between Nikky’s as she tries to gain friction, rubbing against his jeans as he teases her.
Steve stares intensely into Nikki’s eyes as he reaches down, hands sliding over her hips as he hitches up her little nude dress, fingers skimming over her naked legs. As if to test her need for him, he shoves his hand abruptly between her thighs, thrusting his fingers into her hot sex, slippery wet sounds confirming her desperation.
Flipping her around to face the wall, Steve pushes up hard against her back, pinning her in place to show he is in command of her pleasure. Then he sinks to his knees behind her, spreading her voluptuous ass and buries his face in between her silken globes. Nikki is dripping and feral with desire, and Steve can’t resist rising to pull out his thick dick and plunge it right into her soaking wet pussy. He fucks her hard and fast until they race to get to the bed, frantically devouring one another with animalistic ferocity.
By the time Steve sinks his dick into Nikki’s juicy hole, she has been licked, fingered and frigged within an inch of her life. These two are absolutely lost in this moment, fucking and coming over and over again, and it is fantastic to watch; you’ll lose count of the orgasms!
We hope you enjoy watching the sensational Nikky Dream and Steve Q in this beautifully natural erotic film of two lovers with real passionate chemistry and some great hot sex.
Nikki Dream
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