Only You And I

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💎 Always playful, Lucky Bee sets the scene for her bath by blowing bubbles. When she's finished, she peels off her clothes ands inks into the warm water. Of course, getting all wet and slippery makes this horny coed want some cock like crazy. She's wearing just an open robe and a do me smile when her boyfriend Stanley Johnson enters the room.
Without hesitation, Lucky relieves Stanley of his book and shrugs her robe from her shoulders. Pressing herself against her boyfriend, she tugs his head down for a deep kiss while grinding her puffy pussy against his crotch. Feeling how hard Stanley already is, Lucky gets to her knees so she can lick him from balls to head before settling in to suck.
The couple moves to the bed, where Lucky holds on to the bedframe and lifts one leg so Stanley can kneel and eat her pussy. When he gets to his feet and shoves into her from behind as she remains balanced in that position, it's all Lucky can do to keep her knees from buckling in deep delight. Their acrobatics continue when Stanley takes a seat and Lucky uses the bedframe to help her fried him nice and hard in reverse cowgirl.
On her side, Lucky spoons with Stanley as he gives it to her from behind. She continues to take a dicking down on her belly with Stanley kneeling behind her, pushing her down and kneading her ass. When she rolls onto her back, Lucky can only watch in delight as Stanley dives deep one last time before letting his load loose in a deep creampie treat for his love to lick from her fingertips.
Lucky Bee
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