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💎 Jason X and Lilly Bella are dressed to kill when they arrive for their vacation. The house is gorgeous, and Lilly really wants to go out tonight. When Jason puts her off saying that he needs to make a call, Lilly goes straight for her power move: sexy lingerie.
Returning to the living room where Jason is on the phone, Lilly makes her position clear. Jason is no fool; he gets off his call and goes for everything Lilly has promised him with her body. They begin with sweet kisses that quickly turn into Jason suckling Lilly's pierced nipples. When he moves lower, Jason finds Lilly's landing strip twat nice and wet for his tongue to slip through.
Lilly lets her boyfriend indulge in her, but she can't keep herself from going after the dick. Dropping to a crouch, she pulls Jason's pants down and opens wide. Her mouth and tongue get nice and busy, licking and sucking the shaft and balls.
Lilly gets back on her feet and stands with one foot on a higher step to open herself for Jason. He comes up behind her, sliding nice and deep as they stand. Each thrust brings her up on her toes, eking moans from her lips.
Guiding Jason by the erection, Lilly brings him to the couch where she falls onto her back and parts her thighs for him. He shoves in nice and deep pounding her the way she wants. When Lilly gets on her knees, Jason keeps their party going in doggy.
Jason eventually takes a seat so Lilly can ride him in cowgirl. Turning around, she bounces in reverse cowgirl as fast as she can. Her efforts pay off as Jason blows his load, filling her with a cremapie that drizzles down her thighs.
Lilly Bella
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