Full Of Desire

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💎 Dressed to the nines in red lingerie, Ivi Rein enters the rooms where Nikki Nutz is waiting in bed. She strikes a series of poses designed to get Nikki even hotter and hornier. Using a feather, she traces a path down Nikki's body and then lets him do the same for her as she joins him in bed.
Their foreplay continues as Nikki slowly undresses Ivi. He alternates between the feather and sweet kisses as he teases and taunts her into even greater heights of passion. By the time his lips begin exploring Ivi's nether regions, he finds her nice and wet. When Ivi turns the tables on Nikki and takes his dick in hand and mouth, he is thrilled to lean back and let her work her wiles on him.
Since Ivi is already primed and ready, she slides down oh so easily on Nikki's cock when she mounts him in cowgirl. When she turns around for a reverse cowgirl romp, Ivi continues to glide up and down Nikki's hardon in a sensual rhythm that leaves her moaning in delight as she leans forward to change up the angle of penetration.
Rolling to her side, Ivi closes her eyes in bliss as Nikki reenters her to keep their party going. Her twat clenches tight around his hardon, urging him even deeper. When Nikki urges Ivi onto her belly so he can dive even deeper, she complies. He pushes back into her and gives her everything she needs.
As their lovemaking continues, Ivi gets on her back and spreads her thighs. Kneeling in that sexual cradle, Nikki resumes their coupling. Nikki continues to give Ivi everything she needs to orgasm one last time, then finally pulls out. Taking her cue, Ivi wraps her hand around Nikki's dick to give him a few final strokes to help him to his own peak of pleasure.
Ivi Rein
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