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💎 Is there anything quite like the anticipation of a date? Sometimes, the build-up can be even more thrilling than the main event, as this very sexy film of female solo masturbating illustrates.
A perfect naked bottom passes the camera, drawing us in and having us wondering who it might belong to. As she moves further away, we see it’s the gorgeous Samantha who bends to pick up her phone. She smiles as she reads the message on her screen and saunters into her bedroom, returning in a pink and gold underwear ensemble. Her hips sway with confidence as she walks around in her lingerie, admiring her beautiful body in her full-length mirror.
Samantha looks at the figure of feminine confidence, her love for her body and sexuality present in the way she caresses her curves and boobs. Taking her time to dress, she slowly pulls on her black sheer stockings to complete her underwear look. The combination of just how gorgeous she feels and that naughty text has her thoughts drifting to some female solo masturbating. Instead of donning her outfit for her date, Samantha begins peeling her lingerie back off…
In a seductive moment of self-love and masturbation joy, Samantha reaches for her JeJoue Vita bullet vibrator and pleasures herself with its pulsing vibrations. Tilting her head back as she lounges on the chair, Samantha lets her arousal mount, teasing and lavishing her clit with the glorious sensations that self-love brings. As the toy brings her closer and closer to the edge, we watch, delighted when the climax finally floods her body with feel-good sex hormones and orgasmic release.
We hope you enjoy watching the first of our two-part series with Samantha Cruuz as she loses herself in this female solo masturbating movie whilst getting ready for a date with her lover.
Samantha Cruuz
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