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💎 Love is definitely in the air for our beautiful couple, who can’t keep their hands off each other as they indulge in their spontaneous sex inside car fantasy.
At the top of the Opera steps, Kristoph holds Clemence’s arm delicately in his as they descend the red-carpet staircase of the opera house together, Clemence’s dress shimmering in the dim evening light. Once outside and in the cool of the night, the ever-charming Kristoph notices the chill in the air and removes his dinner jacket, draping it over Clemence’s bare shoulders.
This chivalrous act ignites the sparks of sexual tension that have been sizzling all night between them, and Kristoph leans Clemence against the stone entrance for a lustful yet tender kiss as they wait for their driver. The most sumptuous soprano voice sets the musical backdrop to this passionate evening of culture and seduction.
Kissing in a lover’s embrace, their hot mouths quickly turn to something more raw and frantic as Kristoph hitches up the satin layers of Clemence’s dress, his elegant fingers sliding under her red panties as she moans into his lips.
As soon as they slip into the back seat, we know sex inside car is definitely on the menu. Kristof displays his good manners yet again by tending to his lady’s desires first as he treats her to a very sexy and satisfying fingering right there on the leather. Clemence’s coppery tones in her hair are mirrored throughout her outfit, even down to her beautiful lingerie. Dripping in diamonds and sheer luxury, this couple adore the finer things in life, like each other and soon they are fucking on the back seat in style.
A beautiful romantic lovers’ romp of passionate sex inside car, is full of fast-paced desire and rippling sexual chemistry. We hope you enjoy watching.
Clemence Audiard
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