Unbeatable Strategy

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💎 Simon Kitty and Lola Heart are deeply engrossed in a video game. Lola is beating Simon, and Simon isn't having it. She puts her control down and does her best to distract her girlfriend. When Lola brushes off Simon's initial attempts, Simon grabs a vibrator and presses it to Lola's pussy.
It takes a few more moments for Lola to give in, but Simon's persistence finally pays off. Putting the controller down, Lola throws her head back and gives in to the sensual delight that's overtaking her. She waits out her climax and then presses her lips to Simon's in a kiss that says one will never be enough.
Easing Simon onto her back, Lola kisses her way down her girlfriend's body. She finally reaches her goal, the sweet delight that is Simon's twat. Making herself at home, Lola goes to work with her talented tongue and soft lips. Simon loses herself in the moment, popping her big breasts out to squeeze and knead as Lola makes magic.
Lola is happy to let Simon give her some real and undivided attention. She gets on her knees so that Simon can relieve her of her shorts. Whimpering as Simon eats her out from behind, Lola rocks to meet the thrusts of her lover's tongue. Then she gets on her back and spreads her thighs so that Simon can really get in there and eat her snatch.
The girls have another round of sexy fun with the help of the vibrator. Pressing themselves clit to clit against the toy, they scissor and grind as they work themselves higher and higher. Simon reaches her peak first, so she tugs Lola into her arms to finish the deal while cradling her girlfriend.
Still hungry for more, the girls arrange themselves into a lesbian 69. Simon lays on the bottom while Lola crawls on top. Arranged face to pussy, they tease and stroke until they achieve one last round of sweet climaxes that finally leave them sated and feeling like they have both won the game.
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