My Stepmom Just Drained My Balls

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💎 Pretty in pink, Candy Alexa is busy with work when her stepson Jimmy Bud joins her in the living room. Jimmy can't keep his eyes off his stepmommy's big boobs. Candy knows that Jimmy is into her, and she plays into it as much as possible. She calls Jimmy out on it, saying that she knows what he's doing, and when Jimmy tries to deny it, Candy doubles down on her naughtiness.
Telling Jimmy that if he likes her boobs so much, he should take a good long look at them in the flesh, Candy gets to her feet and strips out of her top and bra. She grabs Jimmy's hand so he can squeeze those flesh globes. When she realizes Jimmy is hard, Candy offers him a titty fuck that he's eager to take her up on. Now that they've started down this naughty path, neither of them can seem to quit. Candy wants to suck Jimmy off, so she does. In return, he gets his stepmom on her back to eat her snatch.
Candy is far too enamored with Jimmy's hardon to stop at oral sex. She sits him down and impales herself on his cock so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. That lets Jimmy squeeze and knead her titties, the perfect warmup for when Candy turns around and shoves her boobs in Jimmy's face as she continues riding him. On her back, Candy welcomes Jimmy back inside so he can pound her nice and deep. She takes him one last time on her side with Jimmy spooning behind her. When Jimmy gives Candy a creampie, Candy is oh so satisfied with the size of that cum shot.
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