Cant Put Out This Fire

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💎 Bunny Madison is the newest firefighter, and she's not afraid of anything at all. On her first shift, she walks into one of the bedrooms and sees that there are already two other firefighters there: Kyle Madison and Apollo Banks. Since the boys know there's another room, they tell Bunny she'll be taking that. She tells the boys to go about their business like she's not even there. When the boys don't like that, Bunny inquires whether they were planning a circle jerk later.
Escalating the tension further, the boys tell Bunny that they're going to take off their clothes. Bunny responds by taking off her shirt to unveil her incredible boobs. She asks Apollo and Kyle to role play that there is a pussycat in the top bunk and asks how they would rescue it. The boys give their answers, and then Bunny can no longer ignore their hardons. She tells them that she's not their mommy and that they can suck her titties if they start acting like real men.
Of course, being in charge means that Bunny can't just take all the pleasure without giving any of her own. She gets on her knees and demonstrates that she can certainly handle two dicks at once. Getting on her knees, Bunny keeps on sucking Apollo's hardon while Kyle gives it to her from behind. Then she rides Apollo while stroking and blowing Kyle. On her side, Bunny has Kyle bang her as he spoons her from behind, while she slurps her own girl goo from Apollo's dong. As Apollo gives it to Bunny one last time, she takes a mouthful of jizz from Kyle. Moments later, Apollo blows his load all over Bunny's stomach. Playing with the cum, she tells the boys that they'd better get used to having her around because they'll be doing this a lot in the future.
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