The Gift That Keeps Giving

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💎 Lovita Fate waits impatiently for her girlfriend Lika Star. She has a gift that she just knows Lika will adore. When Lika arrives, she takes a VR headset from the bag and admires it with all proper respect.
Later, Lika puts the VR headset on and tunes it to something on the racy side. Sliding her hand up her torso, she palms her tit through her shirt. As Lika slips her other hand into her shorts. Lovita lets herself in. She knows just what to do.
Caressing her hands up Lika's thighs, Lovita settles between them. She peels Lika's shorts off, unveiling her girlfriend's bare twat. Leaning forward, she licks the flat of her tongue right up that cream filled slit. Lika takes the opportunity to pop her juicy tits out of her shirt so she can really go to work on them.
Peeling the headset off, Lika lays eyes on her own sexy reality. Lovita has already relieved herself of her own shorts, clearing the way for Lika's hands to do some exploring. Working her way up the couch, Lovita arranges herself so that Lika can tip her head back and enjoy a pussy feast. Climbing forward just a touch, Lovita leans down and complete a lesbian 69.
That's just the start for these two blonde lovers. Lika rolls Lovita onto her back and urges her to bring her knees to her shoulders. That opens Lovita for a proper oral exploration and fingering. Since Lovita is already on her back, Lika can easily crawl up her body for another round of pussy licking.
Getting Lika on her knees leaning over the chair, Lovita does some real deep diving with her fingers and tongue. Lovita lets Lika give her the same treatment as she lays on her back, legs splayed nice and wide. The girls finish their afternoon delight with some pussy tribbing that leaves both blondes sated, for now at least.
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