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💎 Jessica Ryan is getting ready for a to-do with her sugar baby Maya Woulfe and a newcomer. She chats on the phone with her husband and tells him what a good boy he is. She puts the phone down when the doorbell rings to admit Maya and her friend Jessica Ryan to the house.
Maya looks fine as fuck in the dress Jessica bought for her, but Jessica admits she didn't know what to wear. She strips on Jessica's command, which gives Jessica an idea. Maya fetches the phone so that Jessicaa can instruct her husband to purchase a very specific dress that she thinks will make Lena look just fantastic.
While they wait for the dress, Jessica instructs her sugar babies to get comfortable. They share fruity kisses that make Jessica want more than just appetizers. The doorbell rings to signify the arrival of Lena's dress, which looks just as sexy as Jessica expected. She instructs her sugar babies to retire to the bedroom so they can have some fun while Jessica puts Lena through her paces.
Always in charge, Jessica instructs Lena to relieve Maya of her clothes. She helps Lena to do the same as well. At Jessica's instruction, Lena leans in to lap at Maya's twat. Winding her fingers in Lena's hair, Maya guides her friend's tongue exactly where she wants it. Meanwhile, Jessica leans forward to sample Lena's chocolate starfish. Soon enough, Jessica's fingers have slipped into Lena's twat to pump her hard as she keeps on licking.
The girls come together so that Jessica can decide how she wants to change things up. Lena finds herself on her back, thighs spread with Maya kneeling between them. Cradled in Jessica's arms, Lena abandons herself to the pleasure that Maya is eking from her. It's so hot that Jessica can't help but slip her hand between her legs to diddle herself.
Jessica positions herself in the middle to let her sugar babies do their best to make her cum. Maya and Lena share the snatch for a hot minute, but then Maya lets Lena do all the work. Pulling back to watch, Maya masturbates herself at the stunning sight. Lena swaps spots with Maya, putting her hands and mouth to work for Jessica's pleasure as Maya feasts on Jessica's sweet juices.
Next, Jessica gets her sugar babies on their knees. She grabs a dildo and goes to town on Lena's snatch first. Still on her knees, Maya watches and uses her fingers to keep herself nice and wet. When it's Maya's turn to enjoy the dildo, Lena makes sure to help out.
Jessica takes her turn last, spreading her thighs so that Maya can pump her full of her own toy. Lena kneels beside Jessica, playing with Jessica's tits and hard nipples, and also diddling Jessica's clit. They keep it up until Jessica lets loose a loud moan of completion. Cuddling the girls close, Jessica welcomes Lena into the fold.
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