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Can You Handle Me

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Video Description: Lexi Luna is a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants. She's sick of fucking immature guys who can't do it for her. Her latest deadbeat boyfriend is really pissing her off, so she decides to try something a little bit different. Robby Echo, the repair guy, is in her house clearly checking Lexi out. Lexi initially tells him to cut it out and do his job, but once she has gotten into it with her now-ex boyfriend, she encourages it. She tells Robby to help her out by untying her dress, then walks off, leaving him horny and confused. In her bedroom, Lexi slips into the proverbial something more comfortable. As Robby is drawing up the invoice, Lexi struts out in a sexy lingerie and robe getup. She learns that Robby is the boss of his own company, and that he took the job to make sure everything would be perfect. Robby makes as though he's going to leave, but Lexi stops him and asks whether he's going to ask her out. Robby puts up minimal resistance before Lexi goes in for a kiss. Taking Robby to the couch, she throws him down and tells him to eat her pussy right now. Ever obedient, Robby does as he's told and dives right in for a pussy feast. Lexi isn't one to take without giving back. She gets Robby to his feet so she can pop his dick out and blow him with every evidence of pleasure. Once she has sated herself gobbling the D, Lexi mounts Robby in reverse cowgirl and slides down with a long moan of delight. Getting off in cowgirl is just the first big O for this bigtit babe. She gets on her back and has Robby do her as he rises above her. Then Lexi sinks back down on Robby's fuck stick to ride him in cowgirl with her big boobs in his face. On her hands and knees, Lexi rocks back to meet each of Robby's doggy style strokes before he pulls out just in time to nut all over her jugs. As they come down from the passionate sex, Lexi tells Robby she'll call him if she needs him again.
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