A Time Together Porn

Time Together

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Published: 2022-07-08Views (1297)
Video Description: Cute redhead Dolly Dyson is teaching Emelie Crystal to skateboard, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie "Time Together" begins. Back home, the girlfriends chill out on the sofa, where cuddles soon lead to passionate kisses. Topless, they suck each other’s nipples; then Emelie peels off Dolly’s panties, licks her pussy skilfully, and fingerbangs her to a juicy orgasm. She doesn’t stop, lapping at Dolly’s clit as she keeps frigging her until she hits another peak of pleasure. As Dolly catches her breath, she pulls down Emelie’s cycling shorts and pushes her onto the coffee table, legs spread, then licks a trail down to her pussy. She laps at her clit teasingly at first, then with intense focus, adding her fingers to give Emelie a mind-blowing climax. Throwing her onto her back on the sofa, Dolly resumes fingering Emelie until she orgasms again.
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