A Summer Paradise Porn

Summer Paradise

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Video Description: Three friends step into a hot tub naked, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic threesome movie "Summer Paradise" begins. Cute brunette Camila Palmer and sexy redhead Holly Molly are eager to make out with Maxmilian Dior, hands and lips exploring greedily. They continue their fun in the bedroom, Holly straddling Max’s face to get her pussy eaten while Camila sucks his big cock. Impaling herself in cowgirl, Holly slides up and down energetically, her gorgeous breasts pressed against Camila’s as they kiss. Holly has a noisy orgasm, then dismounts so Camila can take her place, getting fucked doggy style while Holly rubs her clit to add to the intense sensations. Camila rocks back to meet Max’s thrusts until she’s overwhelmed by her climax; they switch places again, with Camila riding cowgirl while Holly sits on Max’s face, kissing her girlfriend passionately. Camila orgasms repeatedly, with Holly following suit as Max’s talented tongue drives her wild. He cums deep inside her juicy pussy, the creamy load trickling out as they cuddle up together. All three head for the shower, and as they fool around, Max is soon rock hard and ready for a delicious double blowjob from the girls...
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