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Published: 2022-04-22 Views (564) © AllFineGirls Adult Film (2022)
💎 Alex Coal and Spencer Bradley are ready to settle in for a good time together. Wearing matching white shirts, they make use of a bottle of oil to really get their party started. It's not long before those white shirts are nice and transparent, revealing a tantalizing hint of nip to stoke the fires even further. The oil drips lower, making their white thongs nice and see-through, too.
The girls can't keep their hands off one another. Their breasts are nice and slippery as they rub each other down. Alex eventually takes the initiative to take things further rolling Spencer onto her back so she can relieve her girlfriend of her underwear. Spencer returns the favor, slipping Alex out of her thong.
With Alex on her belly, Spencer grabs the oil to make sure every inch is slippery. She flips Alex onto her back so the girls can go breast to breast, enjoying the way their skin feels pressed together. Then they come together in a tribbing delight that gets their pussies pulsing as they scissor together.
Getting to a kneeling position, Spencer keeps her clit pushed into Alex's as she climbs on top of her girlfriend. She rocks her hips, riding in a delightful series of thrusts that really get her motor running. It's only when she moves higher up Alex's body and turns around to create a lesbian 69 that Spencer lets up on that orgasmic pleasure.
The girls have had Round One, but they're not done yet. Cradling Alex in her arms, Spencer grabs a vibrating toy to press to her girlfriend's twat. She's relentless, keeping Alex's pussy under the toy's buzzing until Alex is moaning. Alex gives her the same treatment in return, putting the vibrator to work to bring Spencer to one last glimpse of paradise. Curling up together, the girls exchange kisses in the afterglow of their oiled up afternoon.
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