Satomi Suzuki works in an office and she often has to suck off her coworkers

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💎 Satomi Suzuki is the new office lady although she has worked there for two years. She came straight out of college. The job she thought she was getting is not at all what it ended up being. She thought it was a regular office job that she was qualified to work for. But since she is so pretty and the office workers have such a high stress environment the real job is to help relieve the office staff of all that stress. This job is a difficult one and so many of the staff need her daily help to help manage the stress of their jobs. She is now just a sex toy for the office workers and they use her as they please. They will often approach her while she is typing at her computer and put their hand up her skirt. From there they pull down her stockings and make her spread her pussy for them. This is a daily occurrence and this is part of her job. The boss sometimes invites clients into the office and she must serve them tea. What often happens in these situations is that the client will notice her and the boss will then offer her up to the client to use as he pleases. Satomi will then be tied up and the client will be free to explore her pussy. Sometimes they just want to bury their head in her pussy or sometimes he will want her to suck his cock while she fingers herself for him. This has become her routine and she accepts it all as part of her job. She often goes home at night with her pussy and stockings covered in cum from the staff or clients that have used her that day. We really wish Satomi would come and work in our office, don’t you wish the same?
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