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Video Description: 19-year-old Cecelia looks very comfortable down on her knees on the red carpet with five dicks surrounding her, more than twice how many she has ever had at once before. She is not shy at all to start sticking them in her petite mouth to get them hard and ready to fill her with creampies. Randy feels her perky nipples from behind as they poke through her skimpy top. Her natural B-cups don't stay covered long as the FIVE COCKSMEN all want a peek and a feel. After he gets a sample of her mouth talents, Randy decides to return the favor and CHECK THE OIL on Cecelia. He slides under and lubes up her creampie cave so it can soon take all those loads with minimal friction (only the good kind). The spit trails start forming between Cecelia's mouth and all the dicks she has sliding in and out of it. She figures out very quickly how to keep her mouth and hands full at all times. Not bad for a teenage gangbang novice. Randy goes under Cecelia's hood one more time from the front to get his own second opinion (you can never be too sure). The decision is unanimous that her engine is purring like a kitten; you might even say a pussy. Scotty presents a DICK TABLE in front of Cecelia and she knows exactly what to do with it. Are we sure this is her first time with five guys? We'll take her word. Chris chipmunks her pretty mouth before she manages to fit both Will and Randy in her mouth at the same time! A few FUN FACTS come up as Cecelia continues to fellate her suitors. Wise beyond her years, she likes to show plenty of attention to the balls. Cecelia's FIVE COCKSMEN give her the biggest COCKTOPUS she has ever seen before Randy sweeps her up in his arms to take her down the hall to her FIRST GANGBANG EVER. It's a doozie! No excuses if you haven't watched it, or her awesome gloryhole on Watch them all, compare notes, comment below, and make some guesses who you're going to watch get filled with creampies next week here on!
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