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Video Description: Spooning with her girlfriend, Maya Woulfe, is always a dream come true for Lulu Chu. She loves the way Maya looks in her sleek lingerie as they cuddle together. It's not long before Lulu's gentle caresses get increasingly sensual. When Maya turns over so she can get equally intimae with Lulu, the girls enjoy themselves just exploring each other's tight figures.
Eventually, Maya loses her bra, leaving her topless just like her girlfriend. Lulu is eager to palm Maya's newly-exposed boobs, but the girls can't keep it above the waist for long. Rolling onto their backs, they each slide a hand into the other's thong. Their mutual masturbation session is sweet and sexy, the perfect warmup act for the deep pleasure that they both know is to come.
When the girls break to shimmy out of their panties, they come together once again with both girls on their backs. This time, Maya's ankles are hooked over Lulu's shoulders, which opens both girls up to some lovely pussy play. Maya and Lulu each take advantage immediately, exploring one another's slick folds with gentle probes and eager caresses.
When Lulu disengages from their akimbo limbs, she crawls on top of Maya. Once again, the girls indulge their own hunger simultaneously as Lulu arranges herself into a lesbian 69. This is their first opportunity to enjoy each other's sweet juices as they feast together on the slippery delight of one another's creamy cooches.
Lulu wants to continue enjoying Maya's pussy, so she climbs onto the bed and settles between her lover's thighs. Maya is happy to have Lulu there, lapping away at the heart of her pleasure. As soon as her hips begin to buck, Maya turns the tables on Lulu by getting her on her hands and knees for a pussy licking that leaves her practically boneless with delight.
As the girls wind down their lovemaking, they both know they want one last big O. They get there by positioning themselves twat to twat for a bit of lesbian tribbing. Rocking their hips together, they create the perfect amount of pressure to enjoy their scissoring with orgasms that leave them finally sated an satisfied.
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