A Stay Together Part 4 Porn

Stay Together Part 4

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Published: 2021-08-13Views (2472)
Video Description: Cute girlfriends Katarina Rina and Lilly Bella have both enjoyed hot vacation sex with handsome local Nick Ross behind each other’s back. As part four of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Stay Together" begins, the girls are fighting; but Lilly dreams up the perfect solution, inviting Nick to come back and help her make Katarina happy with a wild threesome. In the bedroom they both caress her lovingly, until she relents and returns Lilly’s tender kiss with passion. As Nick lifts her sweatshirt to fondle her beautiful breasts, Lilly peels off her panties and strokes her shaved pussy, then moves between her spread thighs to lick her. With her free hand, Lilly jerks Nick’s stiff cock, then sucks it eagerly, simultaneously giving Katarina an intense orgasm with her fingers. She instructs Nick to fuck Katarina in missionary as she sucks her nipples, making her climax again and again. Now Nick thrusts into Lilly doggy style as Katarina lavishes attention on her jiggling breasts, driving her to a breathless climax. They switch again, Katarina riding Nick in cowgirl while latching on to one of Lilly’s puffy nipples, another string of orgasms tearing through her voluptuous body. All smiles now, the girls trade places so Lilly can ride to an orgasm too. She dismounts and Katarina sits on Nick’s face while the girls jerk his load out over her swinging breasts. It’s the perfect climax to their adventurous vacation.
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