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I Will Be Waiting

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Video Description: Fiona Frost is all alone and really wanting her boyfriend, Tyler Nixon, to keep her company. She invites Tyler over and then waits for him to join her. She passes the time by dolling herself up in a matching bra and thong, and by applying just a touch of makeup to really highlight all her cutest features.
By the time Tyler arrives, Fiona is definitely ready to go. She gives him a bit of a striptease, playing up the way her bra makes her big boobs stand out even more and the way her ass looks hugged by her underwear. By the time Fiona is naked, Tyler is hard as a rock and looking forward to satisfying himself with his insatiable girlfriend.
Fiona lays Tyler down in the bed and climbs on top of him so she can work his cock with her hands and mouth. Licking happily at her boyfriend's hardon, Fiona fists the shaft and strokes in time with her sucking. She keeps it up until she can't wait another moment to straddle Tyler's hips and sink down onto his fuck stick for a cowgirl ride.
Turning around so that Tyler can enjoy the jiggle of her ass on every stroke, Fiona gives it to him in reverse cowgirl. Tyler loves the way he can reach forward to squeeze his girlfriend's booty. In fact, he's so into that ass that he can't wait to get Fiona on her hands and knees so he can sink into her snatch in doggy. Fiona is happy to let Tyler give it to her hard and fast as she sinks slowly onto her belly in response to his deep thrusts.
Rolling Fiona onto her back, Tyler gives her big titties the same treatment he just gave her bottom as he keeps on fucking. Fiona spreads herself wide open, making it simple for Tyler to stay in the cradle of her thighs. He curls up beside her for some spooning sex to bring her off one last time. Then Tyler gets on his knees as Fiona remains on her back, replete, and jacks himself off until he nuts in Fiona's waiting open mouth for a final salty treat.
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