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Video Description: Bonnie Dolce is fast asleep when her girlfriend, Tiffany Tatum, slips into the bedroom. Dropping a kiss on Bonnie's shoulder, Tiffany slips into the bathroom to wash off from her day. She slides her dress to the ground, followed by her panties. Tying up her hair, she wets down her super skinny body.
With her eyes glued to her girlfriend, Tiffany keeps the warm water trickling down her body as she rubs her clit. She eventually puts the shower head down so that she can have one hand on her boobs and the other on her muff. Masturbation isn't quite what Tiffany wants tonight, though, so she towels off and then joins Bonnie in bed for the sweetest wakeup.
Rolling onto her back, sleepy Bonnie is happy to let Tiffany have her way with her. Tiffany takes her time, sampling Bonnie's nipples and slipping her hand beneath Bonnie's panties. When Tiffany finally relieves Bonnie of her underwear, she finds her girlfriend's twat nice and wet and ready to be finger banged.
Now that Bonnie is nice and awake, she gives as good as she gets from Tiffany. Pushing her girlfriend onto her back, Bonnie settles between Tiffany's thighs. She starts her oral exploration of Tiffany's snatch with quick flicks of her tongue before settling in for a full on pussy feast.
Tiffany once again takes control when Bonnie gets on her back, cradled in Tiffany's arms. Reaching out, Tiffany snags a vibrating toy to have some fun. She presses it to Bonny's clit and goes to work, rubbing it slowly up and down Bonnie's twat. Capturing Bonnie's lips to help her girlfriend hold the moan, Tiffany uses the toy to bring Bonnie close to cumming before she finishes the job by hand.
Turning the tables on Tiffany, Bonnie slips two fingers deep into her love's dripping puss. That's nit quite enough to give Tiffany the climax she's been wishing for, though. On her hands and knees, Tiffany mewls happily as Bonnie delivers a real pussy feast. Stiffening her tongue, she brings Tiffany off into a body shaking orgasm. Now that they've both been fully satisfied, the girls can kiss their own juices off each other's lips and curl up for bed.
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