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Video Description: It's been a bit since Jillian Janson and Madi Meadows have been able to get together. They finally get their schedules to match up for a visit. They decide to hang out in Jillian's kitchen for some coffee and a catch up.
As they're chatting, the girls reminisce about college and how much fun they used to have. Jillian uses that to segue into talking about Madi's new boyfriend. Madi eventually confesses that her new boyfriend hasn't been able to make her cum, which is just unacceptable for someone as sensual as Madi.
Jillian doesn't really know what to say, so she responds with a kiss. Madi is surprised, but she's not saying no as Jillian tries again. Feeling how pliant Madi is, Jillian knows that she's got all the interest she needs. She takes things further as she pulls Madi's shirt and bra off and fills her palms with Madi's breasts.
Laying Madi down, Jillian tongues her new lover's nipples before relieving her of her thong. Once she has Madi naked and willing, Jillian goes to work lapping away at the heart of her new lover's pleasure. As she enjoys her pussy feast, Jillian hikes her shirt up and wiggles out of her bottom so that her tits and twat are soon just as exposed as Madi's. Of course Madi isn't going to hesitate to turn the tables on Jillian for her own taste of those sweet juices.
Now that Madi is totally committed to their mutual pleasuring, Jillian lays down and pulls Madi on top of her to ride her mouth. Madi lets herself be tugged into place, but then she takes Jillian's pleasure into her hands. Leaning forward, she completes the lesbian 69 as she gorges herself on Jillian's dripping fuck hole.
Jillian takes her mission to prove to Madi that she's just as good as any boyfriend seriously. She decides to grab a strap on and puts it on. Getting Madi on her knees on the couch, Jillian guides the dildo into Madi's cooch. Both girls are soon moaning in delight as Jillian thrusts her hips in a sensual rhythm.
When Madi rolls onto her side, Jillian is there to spoon behind her for some continued deep delight. She keeps going, thrusting and kneading Madi's lovely breasts, until Madi's moans once again fill the room. Cuddling together, the girls agree that Jillian is indeed better than Madi's boyfriend.
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